Thursday, August 16, 2012

Connecting to A Gilal Motion Controller

Gilal provides motion controllers that have small amplifiers built in. These motion controllers come equipped with a USP port, Serial Port, and Ethernet port. Gilal also provides software for connecting to the motion controller. I am working on a DMC-4133. It comes complete with a case.

I am connecting to it using GilalTools. When I first fire up GilalTools, it states that it is offline. I click on the Controller|Connect. Then the following window pops up.

At first, the addresses did not show. I keep clicking on the Available and Saved until the above list appears. Then I select COM3 115200.

After that, the terminal screen should look like this which means you are connected. 
The above lines mean it is using COM3 serial port (or a simulated serial port using the USB port), the Model of the Gilal Motion Controller is DMS4133 Rev 1.1a1, and the serial number is 603.

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