Saturday, January 30, 2010

Intelligence from outside intelligencia: Garrett Lisi

Garrett Lisi it a theoretical physicist that is not letting himself be encumbered by the security of an academic lifestyle. I hope he has success with his E8 theory about quantum physics.

Check out his deferential geometry personal wiki notebook. If you scroll down to the section called E8 theory summary, you can click on the formulas and actually edit them right on the screen.

It is always a challenge to show formulas on a web page, and he seems to have figured out how to do it elegantly.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Create a Java Program in Eclipse

I have been doing a bunch of Struts and REST development in Eclipse for which there are good wizards to get started, but it was suprizingly difficult figure out how to build just a simple hello world java project.

With the help of Nathan, I can now do the basic java project:

First, select the new button just below File and open a new Java Project

A New Java Project window will open: enter the name of the project then click Finish

You should now see your project listed in the Package Explorer. Expand the project.

Under the project you will see the project’s package (src) and the library it is referencing. You now want to add a class to the project where you can write your program. So right click the package (src), select new -> class.

The New Java Class window opens. Notice the Source Folder. Type the name of the new class and ensure “public static void main(String[] args)” is selected. Click finish to create the class.

Because we selected the option to create the main, the IDE automatically inserts its declaration into the code. Now we can begin to write our basic program right away.

Replace the comment with this text:

String printStr = "This is your conscience speaking..."; System.out.println(printStr);

In the Package Explorer, right click the class and select Run As to run the program. If a message box appears, select yes to save the project. You will see the text printed to the screen.

Solidworks macros eith ChatGPT

 Record a simple using thr Solidworks macro recorder, upload it to ChatGPT, and explain to ChatGPT how you want it changed:  https://youtu.b...